About Citizens Against Domestic Violence

CADV established in 1984, is a non-profit service organization that provides crisis intervention, emergency shelter, legal advocacy, hospital advocacy, weekly empowerment groups, and support to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking. The highly committed Board of Directors, Executive Director, Staff and Volunteers provide the information, tools, resources, and support that empower victims to make and sustain positive choices in their lives. These changes lead to the happiness and security of a life free from violence.


24 HOUR HOTLINE: Provided 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, answered by qualified trained staff or volunteers.

CRISIS INTERVENTION: Performed by qualified trained staff and volunteers to an individual in crisis. To stabilize emotions, clarify issues and provide support and assistance to help explore options for resolution of the individual's needs.

EMERGENCY SHELTER: Emergency housing and related support services provided in a safe, protective environment for women, men and their children who have been victimized by domestic violence and sexual assault.

SEXUAL ASSAULT RESPONSE TEAM: Trained staff and volunteers respond to Lake Regional Health Systems to provide advocacy, support and assistance to victims of sexual assault.

COURT ADVOCACY: Provide information, support, assistance, accompaniment and intervention with the civil or criminal legal system on behalf of a victim of domestic or sexual abuse.

SUPPORT GROUP: Weekly support groups offered in Miller, Morgan, Benton, and Camden Counties. For specifics call: (573) 346-9630.

AFTERCARE AND OUTREACH SERVICES: Goal planning, community referrals, advocacy and assistance provided to aid a survivor in obtaining needed services and developing short and long-term resource and safety plans.

CRIME VICTIMS COMPENSATION: Trained staff and volunteers assist victims filing for Missouri’s Crime Victims Compensation Fund.

COUNSELING: Provide community referral and coordination.

Board of Directors

Jenna Duncan

Vice President
Chief Brian Kidwell

Jacob Sullivan

Meghan Opie

Board Members
Michelle Cook
JD Hunter
Sandy Waggett
April Tate
Kendra McQueary
Melanie Coats
Johna Stanfield
Dylan Morgan
Brian Barrett

Executive Director
Sheree Keely



We are a 501c-3 Organization. This means all or part of your donation may be tax deductible. Contact your accountant for more information.

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